Provided services

We provide a full spectrum of services in order to make the process of obtaining Latvian dual citizenship easy and fast for you.

We will:


  • Provide consultations regarding your eligibility, documents needed and application process for the Latvian citizenship by ancestry,

  • Prepare the application forms for dual Latvian citizenship by heritage,

  • Search in multiple Latvian archives for additional documents that might be required to apply for Latvian dual citizenship (if needed),

  • Translate all the necessary documents into Latvian. Documents from the archives often are in German and Russian (in both new and old orthography),

  • Meet with Migration Department officials to make sure that your application contains all the needed documents in your particular case and argumentation is sufficient, 

  • Pay the application fee and

  • Apply for dual Latvian citizenship on your behalf.


Without professional advice, you might spend weeks researching legal requirements and rules regulating the application process for Latvian dual passport. In order to have a strong application, you will often need to obtain additional documents from Latvian archives, which might involve an extensive search for documents written in Latvian, Russian or German. Before applying you will have to get all the documents officially translated into Latvian.


We will make the process of obtaining Latvian dual citizenship easy and fast, by navigating legal complexity, searching the archives and using our experience to prepare the application for you.


Save your time and money and let us help you.