Are your children eligible for Latvian and EU citizenship when you get yours?

Getting Latvian citizenship provides you with the range of benefits including the possibility for your children to get Latvian citizenship as well.

If your children are born after you obtain your Latvian citizenship, they become Latvian citizens regardless of the place of birth. It means that your children will be able to get Latvian citizenship by birth. By getting dual Latvian citizenship for yourself now you will automatically get dual Latvian citizenship for your future children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren so this is an investment into future generations of your family.

With EU citizenship your children will have more opportunities to get a good education, build a career or run own business in Europe as well as get a quality health care, in case it is needed.

Just think how useful it might be to obtain Latvian citizenship in the increasingly global world.

If you have Latvian ancestors, we can help you to acquire Latvian passport for yourself and your children.

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