Right to study in Europe

Latvian citizenship allows you to benefit from world class educational system of EU and EFTA.


  • Europe boasts one of the best universities in the world

  • At the same time university education in many of Western European countries is free or heavily subsidized

  • Student loans for EU students are available in Scandinavia, the UK and other EU countries

  • Number of grants and scholarships are accessible only to the EU citizens

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One of the benefits that many people take into account is that their children can take advantage of the European education system. Latvian citizenship allows your family to benefit from a world-class educational system of EU and EFTA countries. For example, a tuition fee for medical studies in the US is $20,000–40,000 per year, but medical studies are free in Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Finland and many other European countries. 


The variation in cost is not based on differences in quality — each country of the European Union has its own approach to setting fees for its students. Have a look around Europe to see which option suits your educational taste, since all students of EU countries are treated equally and pay the same fees (or, rather often, do not have to pay them).

Benefits of Latvian citizenship:

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